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Estate Planning Documents 

Many people believe that estate planning only applies to the wealthy...not true!  Estate planning is not just for passing along our assets when we die.  Estate planning is also about managing your affairs while you're alive in case you become ill or incapacitated and find yourself unable to manage your financial affairs.  In a environment of self isolation and quarantines, it is especially essential to get these documents in order before an unfortunate illness strikes.  


A will expresses how we want our assets distributed upon our passing.  Florida wills generally do not require notarization; however, a self-proving will DOES require an affidavit that the testator (individual who created the will) willingly created the will and did so in the presence of two witnesses which does require notarization.  A self-proving will fulfills certain requirements that allow the will to be validated without going through probate court, saving your family time and money.  

Power of Attorney

A powerful estate planning tool that gives authority to a person to handle your affairs in your absence or incapacitation.  

Living Trusts

More complex estate plans may consider a living trust.  Living trusts are designed to ease the transfer of wealth by avoiding the costs and time of probating your estate.  

Healthcare Directives

The two most common health care directives are the living will and healthcare power of attorney (in Florida these are called Designation of Healthcare Surrogate) that enables an individual to select a healthcare representative to articulate to their healthcare and end-of-life wishes.  These documents typically do not require notarization, but do require witnessing.  

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